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The simple kitchen faucet can make or break one of the most important areas of your home. Because of the cost of this plumbing fixture, it’s a good idea to know what you’re buying because it may seem your choices are endless.

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The kitchen faucet is one of the most used plumbing fixtures in any home. It is turned on and off dozens of times each day. What other McKinney plumbing item can match that claim? That is why you will not only one that will last but also match the style that you desire. The price you pay for that kitchen faucet may not always be the best indicator for your needs.

One of the most basic things to look at is the style of the unit. After that, you should feel how smooth the control action moves. If rough or difficult to move, this could be a sign of future problems. Also, watch the warranty. A good quality faucet will not be afraid to offer lifetime warranties for drips and leaks.

Understanding Different Faucets

Single vs. Double Handle

Different faucets have different applications. For example, the two handle faucet is normally found in the bathroom, while the single handle faucet is more popular in the kitchen. The single handle faucet has a tendency to mix water temperatures better and provide a spray control that is essential in the kitchen. The choice is yours combined with cost considerations.

Faucet Configuration

Another item to be aware of is the faucet configuration. For example, your counter may have a single hole for the faucet with a separate hole for the sprayer or it may have separate water line holes. Before you purchase your new kitchen faucet, carefully check to determine your configuration choices. Other items to watch out for in addition to the sprayer might be soap dispensers and instant hot water dispensers.

Faucet Materials and Finishes

Most faucets today are made of brass. Where things get trickier is the type of control valve. For the most part, our experience would lead to a washer-less ceramic valve. This valve is extremely durable and will be found in most well made faucets. Remember, the valve will be covered by the lifetime warranty.

Concerning finish, this is purely a matter of preference and budget. The quality of finish varies greatly based on cost and manufacturer. You will normally find a very limited warranty on an inexpensive faucet with higher quality faucets offering longer but rarely lifetime warranties.

For kitchen faucet installation and repair call us for the McKinney plumbing experts. One of our McKinney plumbers can give you a on-site estimate and answer all of your questions: 214-234-5678.

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